Oriental, Persian, Indian, Turkish and area rug cleaning

We offer in-plant cleaning with the most advanced equipment specially designed for Oriental rugs, as well as hand washing for antique and older area rugs. We do cleaning of all finer textiles including wool, silk, cotton, jute and sisal.

Our cleaning method is safe and non-allergenic. Our experts clean by using a natural compound, which absorbs soil and grease as it is brushed through the carpet.

Our deep cleaning beautifies and revives the color of most area rugs, while hand cleaning protects the shape and finish of fine Oriental rugs. We give area rugs special attention using the method best suited to individual weaves, fibers and dyes.

Oriental carpets are individually hand-cleaned on both sides. Our material is specially designed to clean oriental rugs. We believe the most important part of doing this work is to stand behind what we say. We re-clean any rug up to 3 times without any questions. This way we give you a qualified guarantee that we are doing the very best job on every rug.

At our company we understand the value a fine rug can represent. With a lifetime (in many cases) of up to 150 years these rugs can be much more than a household furnishing, they can be an investment

This service is 100% safe, non-toxic and non – allergenic.