Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer and recommend maintenance programs for commercial establishments to preserve the value of the carpet and extend its useful lifespan. These programs would be established after an on-site consultation, often from our certified Carpet Inspector.

A properly maintained carpet not only lasts longer, but also looks better over its lifespan. A properly maintained carpet’s brand new appearance diminishes much more slowly, as it is continually cared for. Carpets wear out more slowly when they are given regular vacuuming, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning (which noticeably improves the condition and appearance of your carpet).

As the largest cost of commercial carpeting is installation (with many un-quantifiable secondary costs, including downtime for your company during the installation process), proper maintenance will not only keep your carpet looking cleaner longer, but also save money in the long run by greatly lengthening the useful life of your carpet.

Our company (CarpetD Cleaning London) offers carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance services to commercial clients, restaurants, offices, and apartment buildings.

Interim maintenance cleanings are done with a method that is low-moisture and low-noise. This leads to fast drying, and also makes scheduling easy and convenient.

This service is 100% safe, non-toxic and non – allergenic.