Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning

Why consider cleaning your crawlspace and attic?

Crawl space and attic problems can go unnoticed and can have a serious impact to your health and home. If left unchecked, this forgotten dark and damp space under or above your house is a prime breeding ground for mold and pests that can contaminate the air you breathe inside your living space.

Sometimes rodents or other animals will live and/or die in your crawlspace or attic, leaving behind fecal matter or carcases containing viruses, spreading diseases and bacteria to humans which affect the immune system and could be fatal. These animals can destroy the structure of your home, eat insulation, dig through your air vents, and chew up electrical lines. It’s important to be proactive and have your crawl space and attic inspected and cleaned.

We provide excellent professional crawl space and attic restoration for structural protection, energy efficiency and environmental health. Our technicians take everything into consideration when inspecting the various types of spaces in your home to give you an Eco-friendly plan of action. Our professional teams will remove and replace contaminated insulation, clean out crawlspace and attic debris and decontaminate the area, as well as conduct rodent exclusion services by sealing and screening entry points to the crawl space and attic. It is important to us that you live in safety and that’s why we will efficiently inspect your crawl space and attic and report back any potential health and home threats giving you the knowledge you need as a responsible homeowner.