Air Duct Cleaning Service

With clean air ducts, air conditioning and heating systems operate much more effectively.

Pollutants, dust, and pollen are the most common source of clogged air ducts. Not only do they reduce the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, these elements ultimately contaminate the air that you breathe.

Our advance equipment and the expert technicians at out company will clean the air ducts throughout your home. The process includes the removal of unwanted particles and pollutants, from the grill back to the main panel unit, to ensure proper ventilation and the circulation of clean air. Our Equipment works under negative pressure to assure all the dirt and the dust will be removed efficiently and will not stay in the ducts. If needed, our technicians will also clean the filter system, the blower, and the motor. We will Sanitize and disinfect the entire system. We use only EPA approved products which are perfectly safe for adults, children and pets.

We also offer:

*Clothes dryer vent cleaning.
*Filtration- Installing new electrostatic air filters, which prevent dust and airborne pollutants from entering your system.
*UV light- Installing a high quality UV light inside the air duct system- the UV light sterilizes and reduces airborne micro organisms which are too small to be trapped by filters. The UV light operates 24 hours a day to sanitize the air in your home and helps protect you and your family against allergy and illness.